Hall of Fame

Star players who have coached in Glasgow.

Sabrina van der Sloot

Sabrina coached at the Summer Camp in 2022. A well decorated player, Sabrina won the European Championships and MVP in 2018 with the Dutch National team, silver medal in the FINA World League in Kushan (2018) and in the World Championships in Kazan (2015) and bronze medal in the World Championship (2021). Sabrina competed in the Olympic Games in 2021.

Sabrina won her first Champions League with Sabadell and her first World Championship in Japan in 2023.

Thomas Lucas

Thomas coached at the Summer Camp in 2022 and the Winter Camp in 2023 is the centre forward and captain of the Dutch national team which he has been part of since 2012.

His goal is to compete at the Olympics Games in 2024 in Paris.

Brigitte Sleeking

Brigitte coached at the Winter Camp 2023 and has been a member of the Dutch National Squad since 2017 and won Gold at the European Championship in Barcelona in 2018 in her first International tournament with the National Team and a Bronze medal at the World Championship in Budapest in 2022. Brigitte competed in her first Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2021.

Brigitte won her first World Championship in Japan in 2023.

Mati Ortiz

Mati Ortiz coached at the Summer Camp 2023 and is an Olympic Silver Medal winner from the London Olympics and has also won the World and European Championships playing for Spain.

Mati won the Champions League with Sabadell in 2023.

Star players coming to Glasgow

Giulia Emmolo

Giulia Emmolo a two time Olympian playing in both the 2012 and 2016 Olympics where she won the silver medal with the Italian National Team. Giula also won a World Championship bronze medal and has won European gold and bronze.