Improve your water polo by attending our water polo camps?

  1. Improved Swimming Skills: Water polo is a physically demanding sport that requires a strong foundation in swimming. Attending a water polo camp can help participants improve their swimming technique, endurance, and overall fitness level.
  2. Team Building: Water polo is a team sport that requires coordination and communication among teammates. By participating in a water polo camp, attendees will learn how to work together effectively and develop valuable teamwork skills that can be applied in other areas of their lives.
  3. Personal Development: Water polo requires mental toughness, focus, and discipline. By attending a water polo camp, participants will develop their personal character and learn how to overcome challenges and setbacks in a supportive and safe environment.
  4. Meeting New People: Water polo camps are a great way to meet new people who share similar interests and passions. Participants will have the opportunity to make new friends and build lasting relationships with like-minded individuals.
  5. Fun and Excitement: Water polo is a fun and exciting sport that provides a unique and challenging experience for participants. Attending a water polo camp can be a fun and enjoyable way to spend the summer, while also learning new skills and challenging oneself.

Great start to the New Year for water polo!

World class professional Water Polo players, Brigitte Sleeking and Thomas Lucas, flew into Glasgow last week to coach at the Kirkinktilloch & Kilsyth Winter Water Polo camp.

This is the second water polo camp to be organised in Glasgow in the last four months and this time there were even more participants. Fifty-five players from Scotland and England taking to the water to learn from the Dutch duo.

Brigitte Coaching the girls

The players spent an intense two days honing their skills with Thomas and Brigitte, both in the pool and in the lecture room.

Thomas who coached at the Summer Camp in September was thrilled to be back in Scotland to take off where he left off and for Brigitte it was her first time coaching at the camp.

Thomas coaching the boys

Olympian Brigitte, has been a member of the Dutch National Squad since 2017 and won Gold at the European Championship in Barcelona in 2018 in her first International tournament with the National Team and a Bronze medal at the World Championship in Budapest in 2022. Brigitte competed in her first Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2021.

In the 2021-22 season Brigitte won the Euro League, the European Super Cup, the Greek Cup and the Greek Championship with Olympiacos.

The weekend was again organised by Nico Fenu and Alan Scobie from Kirkintilloch & Kilsyth ASC and they were both pleased with the engagement and the content of the camp. “Players from fifteen different clubs were represented at the camp, including English, University and from all Scottish clubs.”, said Alan Scobie.

The camp also featured a Club Officials course ran by Ken Fussell of Western Baths and a Referees course ran by Ali Johnstone of Dunfermline WPC. Fourteen referees and three Club Officials successfully completed their theory and practical at the camp.

Ali Johnstone and the refereeing candidates

Commenting on the camp, Ali said, “The Camp was an excellent setting for the latest SWP Club Level Refereeing Course. With multiple pitches running high standard matches, our new Referees put theory into practice. Many thanks to the players and organisers for putting this together.”

Camp Coach, Nico Fenu was again very thankful to the star players for taking time out of their busy training and competition schedule to come across to Glasgow. “Thanks to Thomas and Brigitte we were able to host another high quality water polo camp in the city where water polo was invented.”

Coaches from across Scotland were allocated free places for the camp which were taken up by Alan Donaldson from Dunfermline and Brian Dalgleish from South Ayrshire (who do not yet have a water polo team).

The feedback from the players has again been very positive and the events team have already had enquiries from players, coaches and clubs about another camp in Scotland and camps further afield.

And a last word from the players.

“I had the best weekend of my life.”

“A really enjoyable fun camp.”

“Many thanks to everyone who helped and set up this weekend it was great.”

Referee Class of 2023

2023 got off to a good start with fourteen new referees going through their theory modules and practical assessment at the Winter Water Polo Camp 2023.

Referee Tutor for the day was Ali Johnstone who said “The Camp was an excellent setting for the latest SWP Club Level Refereeing Course. With multiple pitches running high standard matches, our new Referees put theory into practice. Many thanks to the players & organisers for putting this together.”

We look forward to seeing you officiating at a game near you soon and all the best in your development as a Scottish Water Polo referee.

Winter Water Polo Camp

Giulia Emmolo and Thomas Lucas sign up for the Winter Water Polo Camp in Tollcross, Glasgow – 7th/8th January 2023

The Winter Water Polo Development Camp (WWPDC) is the second camp to be held in Tollcross International Swimming Centre on the weekend of 7th and 8th January 2023.

Dutch International centre forward,Thomas Lucas has once again signed up as one of the water polo stars and will be progressing on the skills and techniques of the first camp.

Our second water polo star will be announced shortly.

Following the feedback from the first camp we will run a number of pool, dry sessions, lectures, Q&A and game play with the water polo stars.

We are expanding the age range to 1997-2009 this year and the players will be split in groups depending on gender, age and ability.

Book a place at:

Winter Camp Booking